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i will be reblogging 95% The Hunger Games. basically, If you like THG, let's be friends.


Reading: Winger by Andrew Smith

Watching: Weird movies on Netflix?

Waiting for: In the After Light (The Darkest Minds #3), The Retribution of Mara Dyer, Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4), The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #2), etc. :(

Anonymous said: Hello you are v pretty and I am jealous also ur new piercing is really cool I have one like this too :)

thank youuuu v much


"Are we home?"


Female Characters That I Love:
∟Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

I search his eyes for any sign of hurt, any reflection of the agony and torture. There is nothing.
I’m the monster. I’m the mutt. I’m the one Snow has turned into a weapon!


No but like for real y’all I got a kick ass out fit today and I’m really happy and I got my cartilage pierced and I’m excited about that too :) :) :)

Anonymous said: I would go for a cleaner font to match the sleekness of the rest of the design, but all in all i really love it!

Thanks for the input! :)

OK so i changed it a little bit and i think i really might get this tattoo. what do you all think?

Anonymous said: You are so pretty and your style is so cool. Where do you shop? And where did u buy your choker

Thanks so much! The clothes I just got are from h&m. The choker is from a store called Icing (i think) and you could also find them at Claire’s

Anonymous said: what make up do you wear?

Bare minerals on my face and Urban Decay “Naked” for my eye shadow. I use Almay liquid eyeliner which is really great for wings. And yeah cheap mascara and loreal lipstick sometimes!

Anonymous said: you are soooo pretty and I love the outfit!! your eyebrows are amazing too wow I'm jealous!

Thank you so much :)


Johanna’s ensemble exudes her fierce strength and enduring pride- a true darling of the Capitol.

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