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i will be reblogging 95% The Hunger Games. basically, If you like THG, let's be friends.


Reading: The Elite by Kiera Cass

Watching: Criminal Minds

Waiting for: In the After Light (The Darkest Minds #3), The Retribution of Mara Dyer, Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4), The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #2), etc. :(

Congratulations to the winners! but remember- you all have great blogs this is just my opinion :) 
Best URL
  1. fourismywhore
  2. notawishgrantingfactory
  3. xjenniferlawrence

Best icon

  1. kissesforjosh
  2. jenniferlawz
  3. foreverlarking

Best theme

  1. peetafajita
  2. cersai
  3. thatisamahogany

Best sidebar

  1. avoxio
  2. dellycartright
  3. effiestrinket

Best creations (edits/gifs)

  1. alexsheathees
  2. silentavox
  3. maysille

Best overall

  1. senecacrane
  2. ehverlark
  3. capitolsavox

Best person <3

  1. atala(even though you cheated and only ‘liked’ the post ily)
  2. avoxology 
  3. heycresta

SERIOUSLY, follow all these people. they’re all perfect and have flawless blogs. oK have a nice day 

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